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If you are just learning about Dave Nassaney "The Caregiver's Caregiver," here's how people feel about him and what he does.

What Caregivers Are Saying About Dave


Angela Sticca Snyder, Caregiver

Thank you Dave for providing your Acapulco Caregiver Training, Mastermind & Wellness Retreat/Vacation. You are so wise and are helping so many caregivers including me!

Dr. Laura Temin, Caregiver

Please Click on Video Above.

Patricia (Kay) Reyna Circle 2.jpg

Patricia Kay Reyna, Caregiver

Dave, I must say that after our coaching call last week and you praying for me, I instantly felt like I was walking in the light and I have had a fabulous week. It is as if I have found the path again. Thank you, Dave

Sheila Tequilla_edited.jpg

Sheila Tequilla, Caregiver

Thanks for sharing. Maybe this is a way for caregivers to start having these important and necessary conversations relating to feelings of guilt, depression, stress and feelings of suicide.

Barry Shore.png

Barry Shore, Caregiver

A Huge BRAVO! May you continue to be a fountain of benefits for decades to come.

Fran  Steltzner.png

Fran Steltzner, Caregiver

I’ve gained so much MORE knowledge from your words of wisdom. Your relating it to others, makes an individual simply want to continue to absorb all the wisdom you offer. Thank you for sharing it with so many! May God continue to bless you with the ability to help others.

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