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The Mission Statement:

Academy of Caregivers is taking their efforts to the next level to make a dent in saving the lives of the 30% of caregivers who are dying before their loved ones do.

Academy of Caregivers (AOC) was created in 2022 by David and Charlene Nassaney. It became evident that caregivers are not prone to taking care of themselves or putting their needs first, even in the midst of Covid. The numbers of caregivers dying before their recipients were at an all-time high. Something had to be done.

Dave and Charlene Nassaney were invited to vacation at their friend’s beautiful 16-bed villa in the billionaire gated section of Acapulco. When they got there, they knew this could be an amazing place for caregivers to take a break. It was on this vacation that the idea became a reality.

They decided this location would fit perfectly into the AOC Mission Statement. Participants who are burned out will join a six-month internet training program on how to put themselves first. Additionally, the Academy gives them a free bonus vacation in the luxurious setting that they deserve. (Also, ask about an additional relaxing week at the Caregiver's Villa!)

AOC has developed a program for sponsors, contributors and other non-profit organizations who might want to help caregivers and anyone who is struggling with being  burned out within their communities. The Academy also plans to use some of the profits to assist caregivers to attend retreats, hiring caregivers for the day, and many other gifts or blessings.

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